Pat Collins C.M. Web Page


† Welcome to the site



* Many people have me asked me about my books, their titles where they were published and where they can be purchased. That information is provided in the Publications section

* I want  to share some of my reflections with those who might be interested. As a result there are sections with headings such as, featured article, homily notes, and Vincentian Family.

* I want to promote the New Evangelisation which Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI have talked about. 

*  I want  a way of communicating  with students of the colleges I  lecture in. I am able to provide information about lecture times, assignments, and make downloads available.

I want to be able to communicate with the members of the New Springtime Community which 18 of us founded in Dublin in 2009.

* Over the years many people have asked me about speaking engagements. So I provide a diary which will mention where and when many of them will take place

* During my time in Detroit I met many wonderful people, among them, students and staff of Sacred Heart, Major Seminary. I have also formed some valued friendships in St Valentine Parish, Redford. The website enables me to keep in contact and to share experiences, ideas and aspirations. 



The haunting Deer's Cry is an adaptation of the Breastplate of St Patrick.

It was composed by Sean Davey and is sung by Rita Connolly.